Laminating is a process of bonding multiple layers of material together to create a single composite structure. This process is often used to improve the strength, durability, and appearance of materials.
The most common type of laminating is performed by sandwiching a plastic film between two sheets of paper or cardstock, and then applying heat and pressure to bond the layers together. The result is a durable, water-resistant, and more rigid document that can withstand wear and tear, as well as fading from light exposure.
Laminating is widely used in various industries, including packaging, construction, and printing. For example, laminating can be used to protect maps, posters, and other important documents, or to create laminate flooring, countertops, and wall panels.
In addition to these practical uses, laminating can also be used for artistic and decorative purposes, such as creating custom laminated cards or bookmarks. Overall, laminating is a versatile and practical process that is essential for many industries and applications.
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